I am

Rob Veugelaers, a guy born (1986) and raised in Amsterdam, growing up in the same pace as the internet. I have an official degree (Bachelor of Music) in jazz guitar, but never actually had to show that to anyone.

I make

Music and funny stuff mostly. My main occupation is playing theater shows throughout the Netherlands with my group "Herman in een bakje Geitenkwark". Besides that I compose, produce and mix music for other bands, film and television. I also make healthy smoothies for myself on a daily basis and a mean risoto once in a while.

I love

My family and friends, my work, and the city I live in. I also have a slight obsession with robots, artifical intelligence and the prospect of having artificial superintelligence some time in the future.


Bestevaerstraat 51-II
1056HH Amsterdam


angsty musical powercomedy

I met Polle, Rein en Benny in highschool, where we started singing in the stairwell because of the nice reverb it had going on. We graduated, went to college/conservatory, graduated again and then we realised that our little close harmony group was the only 'band' that we never got kicked out of and/or had withstood the test of time.

That's when we decided to give this thing a real shot and now, around six years later, we have played our first show more than 160 times troughout the country and are currently touring with our second one. One could argue that we are 'living the dream' at the moment and I would have to agree. I'm making a living out of doing what I love and I'm doing it with dear friends that I have known since I was a teenager. #lucky



In 2014, I got the opportunity to assist the girls from Zazí in the creation of their latest album "Zazí zingt Dorrestijn". A record with lyrics from dutch poem-writing-legend Hans Dorrestijn, with whom they would embark on a tour throughout the Netherlands after recording the album. I served as a producer throughout every stage of the process. First by helping with the creative stuff leading up to the studio recordings, then by overseeing the actual two weeks of recording, and finally by editing every song into the best version of itself and assisting during mixing and mastering stages.

To this day I am very proud of this project, and extremely grateful for the trust I got from the girls, who took a leap in hiring a producer without any experience recording a full length LP. I gave it my all to give them their money´s worth and it paid off: I was invited to work with them again! This time I'm helping out with the creation of their new theater show "Supernova", which will be playing in multiple locations in the Netherlands from fall 2015.

Check out the 'Zazí zingt Dorrestijn' album here
Or visit the Zazí website

Zazi Zazi zing Dorrestijn


High quality productions for film, television and music projects

Over the past few years I've had the pleasure to work on some great projects as a composer/producer. Even though sometimes I had a fully equipped professional studio at my disposal for certain projects, I am a firm believer in the power of modern day computers and convinced of the fact that anyone can make high quality recordings in their home studio, as long as one knows what one is doing. At the moment I'm actively learning the latest mixing techniques by reading and watching tutorials on websites like puremix.net and collecting a high quality chain of outboard gear that can be used to make professional grade recordings from the comfort (and cheapness) of my own home. Since I usually build tracks by playing every instrument (I play guitar, bass, piano and recently took up pad-drumming and harmonica) one at a time, it didn't take me long to realise that I did not need a lot of high quality channels, but only one stereo chain of uncompromizing gear and strategic use of software plugins to make my stuff sound like the real deal. Even then, quality does not come cheap, so collecting goes slowly, but I'm doing quite nicely already (check out gear list) :-)

↠ Check out some the demo's I made on Soundcloud ↠

Some projects / clients I worked for / with

Television show 'BVQ'
Songwriters Yentl & de Boer
Short film 'Gelukkig ben ik gelukkig'
'Zazi zingt Dorrestijn' LP
Sizzer Amsterdam

Some of the gear I own (and use)

ATC SCM-20A Studio Monitors
Neumann U87 and KM184 microphones
1978 Fender Jazz Bass
Fender deluxe USA strat
1983 Tokai P-Bass
Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate

Gelukkig ben ik gelukkig

Scoring 'Gelukkig ben ik gelukkig'

Yentl en de Boer

Playing live @ vondelpark Amsterdam with 'Yentl en de Boer'

Yentl en de Boer

Hanging out in front of the studio with the girls from Zazi, Rik Elstgeest (co-producer) and Jan Schenk (engineer)



On mondays and tuesdays I teach guitar at my place. About 8 hours a week, to a wide variety of students. It is my mission to remain more valuable as an actual person then some online Youtube lesson. So far so good, but you never know when a robot is going to take over for good :-)




As a modern day lightly-bearded urbanite I write stuff. Ofcourse I do. A poem sometimes, some lifehacking advice on other times and very very rarely (once so far) a reflective piece about something actually serious (World War I in this case). I also write down the lyrics to songs I (co)wrote for the Herman in een bakje Geitenkwark theater show. Everything so far has been written in Dutch, but since I'm a modern day lightly-bearded urbanite, I am destined to take the whole motherlanguage thing for a spin one day...

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Maybe you have a project for me that is substantial enough to get featured as a separate tile on my website. I would love to hear from you!